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    Name NOK Number  
    Palma sett lys grå enkeldyne
    140x200/50x70 cm 
    690.00/ 550.00
    Palma sett lys grå enkeldyne XL
    140x220/50x70 cm 
    760.00/ 605.00
    Palma sett lys grå dobbeldyne
    200x220/2x50x70 cm 
    1050.00/ 840.00
    From550.00 NOK
    • Økotex - BRUK DENNEOeco Tex - BRUK DENNE
      The raw material in this product is tested against harmful substances, and Oeco-Tex Standard 100 certified.
    • Easy CareEasy Care
      Høie bedlinen treated with Easy Care wrinkle less and retains its shape well even after washing. Provides a soft and comfortable feeling, and is so easy to ironing that it requires less heat and energy to achieve a good result