Name NOK Number  
    Loke lav dunpute
    50x70 cm 450 g
    650.00 NOK
    Loke medium høy dunpute
    50x70 cm 600 g
    810.00 NOK
    From650.00 NOK
    • Aloe VeraAloe Vera
      This product is supplied with aloe vera treated fabric - which gives a positive effect on both body, soul and mind.
      This product are recomended by Norwegian Asthma- and Allergy associations
    • Kvalitetstestet DunQuality tested down
      The down and feather blend in this product has undergone extensive quality testing at an independent laboratory in Switzerland - IDFL before filled in a Høie down product. IDFL are testing after EN standards for: TOG - Cleanness - Down content - Type of down/feather
    • NorskprodusertMade in Norway
      This product is manufactured at our factory in Norway