Name NOK Number  
    DownFeel varm dyne
    140x200 cm 1320 g
    1110.00 NOK
    DownFeel varm dyne
    140x220 cm 1450 g
    1220.00 NOK
    DownFeel Høie sval dyne
    140x200 cm 560 g
    820.00 NOK
    DownFeel Høie sval dyne
    140x220 cm 620 g
    900.00 NOK
    DownFeel Høie medium dyne
    140x200 cm 980 g
    980.00 NOK
    DownFeel Høie medium dyne
    140x220 cm 1080 g
    1080.00 NOK
    From820.00 NOK
    • DownFeelDownFeel
      Høie DownFeel-products are filled with a special microfiber - specifically designed for maximum sleeping comfort. The fibre is light and soft as pure down, and forms perfect for head and body.
    • Aloe VeraAloe Vera
      This product is supplied with aloe vera treated fabric - which gives a positive effect on both body, soul and mind.
    • Øko-Tex kl 2Oeco Tex clas 2
      Raw materials in this product are Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified. Class 2 for products to adults.