Name NOK Number  
    Allergo medium varm dyne
    140x200 cm 1000 g
    955.00 NOK
    Allergo medium varm dyne
    140x220 cm 1100 g
    1050.00 NOK
    From955.00 NOK
    • HCCHCC
      HCC - Høie Clean Cotton. Fabric of 100% extra fine combed cotton, specially treated to achieve extra softness and density.
      This product are recomended by Norwegian Asthma- and Allergy associations
    • Quallofil AllerbanQuallofil Allerban
      Quallofil ® Allerban ® is an anti-mite and anti-bacterial polyester fibers that prevent the development of mites, bacteria and fungi to multiply.
    • Øko-Tex kl 1Oeco Tex clas 1
      The raw materials in this product are tested against harmful substances and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Strict Clas one 1 for products for children.